Transforming Curriculum: Empowering Learning for Life


With the theme, “Transforming Curriculum: Empowering Learning for Life”, the Taylor’s 11th Teaching and Learning Conference 2018 (TTLC2018) will examine key strategies for building learning institutions which are as future-capable as the graduates they develop. Education is evolving, and many institutions have set themselves a goal to prepare their learners for life – the future-capable graduate.

However, in a context where all of the world’s information is available with a simple online search – and for free - learners today may not obtain much value from a curricula that is one-size-fits-all and pre-determined for them. A rigid curricula remains a norm for learning institutions, with many relying on curriculum content, for a myriad of reasons, including professional accrediting bodies.

Conversely, having a pre-determined curricula could mean that institutions run the risk of favouring inflexible and short-term career skills versus one where graduates are “future-capable” - equipped with skills that allow them to reinvent and to shift disciplinary and professional pathways as they need to.  

The fact of the matter is that careers are no longer linear – and in fact, 47% of jobs will be obsolete in the next 20 years according to a recent study by Oxford University. Therefore, the future-capable institution may instead be defined by the quality and depth of the learning experience, with a clear aim to build learners with high-level capabilities needed to navigate a successful global future such as leadership, social responsibility, innovation and problem solving.

The TTLC2018’s innovative agenda is designed to “unlock” the typical conference format, and our aim is to create a space that prioritises engagement with keynotes, panelists and delegates. You can look forward to a relevant, pro-active and rewarding learning experience where peer-to-peer learning and collaboration are prevalent with experts from more than 12 countries and 30 institutions.

Our programme features sessions such as : 

  1.  Masterclass with keynote speakers
  2. Forums with representatives from different industry sectors
  3. Roundtable discussions with industry, graduates, students and academia
  4. Lightning Talks


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